Friday, October 01, 2004

when is the violence going to end

i just got done watching danny bartlett on the early show and he said that the reason there are record levels of attacks now is because there are foreign terrorists bent on disrupting the elections coming up in january. if i recall correctly, isn't this the exact same reason they gave for the record levels of attacks earlier this year, but in the place of elections they had used the words 'transfer of sovereignty'. my question is when are the attacks going to subside. i can just see, in january after elections (and lets hope, really hope, that they come off perfectly, not corrupt, and i am talking iraqi elections here) the admin is going to say that attacks are going to escalate because foreign fighters are bend on disrupting the transfer of government, then after that what. now this is all based on the supposition of a gdub2k4 admin, bigger badder and now they don't give a fuck admin. i dont want it and it wont happen, but just fearful conjecture.

what would a kerry admin say, i don't know. probably more of the same, i don't know their m.o. yet, but i will next year. i do know this admins m.o. though. keep it real yo

great day even when its raining

great day today. still on high from the debate last night, it was a lot of fun. today is my last day of work for a long long time. that is great, i now get to study. i get football tommorow, fuck em up fuck em up fuck em up go cu, we are going to kill missouri. i just won a stereo reciever on ebay and its pimpin, now i need good speakers. i am making a new system for myself since i blew the left on my current one and am too lazy to fix it because its a piece of shit. my new Marantz PM-500 will treat me just right, oh yeah.

am listening to rush right now to get my blood pressure up. he keeps on going about the 'global test' gaffe. yeah, i thought the line sucked at the time also, faux pas (oops the french in me). i love rush, love him.

master debator

ok, first off, wtf are people thinking when they say that gdub2k won the debate, hell even tad thought he got trounced (not on content but on delivery, i say on content as well). these polls coming out saying that a mojority but not everyone thought kerry won. how could you think he lost, how people. alas, i live in a world populated by idiots, i am still coping with the craziness

ok, so i will go over the debate this weekend or monday, or maybe today, who knows. i just wanted to get to something before i forgot. this whole we looked at the same intelligence line gdub2k kept frontin. they did not have the same intelligence, repeat did not. the admin kept saying we know this, we know this, give us your trust were right. then lets also recall a little bitty thing called redaction people, redaction. yeah, fuck they could send me all of their intelligence redact everything in it and still say that we were looking at the same thing, mine just happened to be blacked out. not the same, come on people, and the right will trumpet this shit. i say bullshit, they're document experts, right, so lets see if they can tell the difference between what kerry got and what gdub2k got.

kerry kicked ass. yeah i had to say it once more. i am hungover as hell today. got plastered during and after the debate. great night, i loved it. great night, i'm going to get a sandwich. if you ever in boulder go to delizone and get the kong, cures cancer and shit since its so tasty

Thursday, September 30, 2004

very sad

this is one of the saddest things i have read in a while. i know that insurgents, terrorists or whoever want to kill americans and make a point, but they shouldnt injure children. this is just sad, here is a sad quote

"“The Americans called us, they told us, ‘Come here, come here,’ asking us if we wanted sweets. We went beside them, then a car exploded,” said 12-year-old Abdel Rahman Dawoud, lying naked in a hospital bed with shrapnel embedded all over his body."

fucking sad, 35 kids, dead at an opening ceremony of a sewage plant, something everyone in iraq needs. damn people, fucking idiots.

debate party and your invited

if you know where i live your invited to my house tonight and every debate for a debate party. i will be buying the beer so be prepared to get tipsy, also dont be a dumbass and prepare for the debate by at least reading material what the debate will be on. no idiots because i dont want to hear it. i already have roomates who dont know shit, i dont need anymore.

update: beer has been provided by two gentlemen in my office. thank you tom and doug. they got it for me as a departing gift since tommorow is my last day of work and my first day of freedom. i need to leave jobs everyday, good way to get beer. but seriously, beer time in 10 minutes plus travel time home which will be about 7 minutes, 6 if i am thirsty.

is this question leading

"how might you explain the apparent abrupt change in policy of Libya; the unexpected removal of Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan's atomic bomb; and the about-face in Saudi Arabia - and what precise plans do you have to induce similar such positive changes in attitude in Iran, Lebanon and Syria?"

this question leads and misleads. he is trying to lead to irock doing all of this which it didnt in the most part. is a small part yes, mostly on the libya front but even that was started before the war and the tough talk. i would explain them all with m-o-n-e-y, you heard me right, money bitch

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

guess who's quote

a new game, guess who wrote this

"And a steady increase in the number of honest gun owners will continue to reduce street crime and make America safer. We now have 38 states with “shall issue” concealed carry laws, and Bush just signed a law to allow all cops and retired cops to carry their guns across state lines."


grover norquist, that first sentence is great. thank god for vigilante justice, now lets form a lynch mob and get those criminals. ok, cheap stoopid jokes. i can see the argument, but it is illogical. i dont know for a fact if guns decrease street crime (i bet they don't), but if you want to decrease street crime nominally while increasing domestic crime dramatically, dont please. more guns could equal safer streets but will also equal more dangerous homes.

i put minimal amounts of thought into this, i just read the grover stuff and had to let you read it, my analysis is whack though, dont pay me any attention.

cool tool

my keyboard just broke. i was typing and suddenly everything i am typing starts getting all messed up. k would come out like /k, it was crazy so we broke my keyboard and got me a new one and i am back up and typing in minutes. awesome huh. well now for the cool tool.

its this program that will create a rasterized image in any size you want. it's cool for posters and wall art. and if you want to get political, its great for making large signs. check it out


tad hutchinson

Monday, September 27, 2004

i didn't know the killing the estate tax would kill the 4th estate

so i see that they have decided to cancel their 60 minutes 2 segment on iraq and forged documents until after the election because they may cause people to think about what they are voting on. hmm, forged documents, well forget aboout those for now, well not just for now, forever, since we obviously have no intention of interviewing (can't remember her name off the top of my head) claiming international jurisdiction or something, even though she has been in the country at least twice.

blah blah, onto point. canceling a segment because it is critical of gdub2k is flat out wrong, assuming that the segment is factually correct and nailed down as everyone is saying. what is the reason of a free press. can you name this

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

damn right, its the 1st amendment. now why do we have a free press? there are a shitload of reasons, but today i am going to say the reason why is for the 4th estate, another check for the balance of branches, to keep the tree of government steady in tumultuous times.

what is this 4th estate supposed to do? i say that they should be informing us, the people in we the people, what is going on in the government. why, because we as individuals do not have the access or the ability to know of all things that happen. the 4th estates purpose is to educate the people, to get them learned on things that effect and affect us. they are meant to inform the populace so we may be able to make informed choices to keep the government checked and balanced.

why is dropping a critical story wrong? because it means that cbs is failing the people it is meant to serve. it is failing its duty, laid down in our beloved bill of rights, appended to our constitution which we hold sacred (supposedly). it is failing this duty, and in that it is showing that it can be forced and manipulated into actions which are diametric and antagonistic to its first and foremost duty, which is to the people. hmm, i guess i am going nowhere, i should think before i write. someday

ok, semi-crack-brained question here, can the 4th estate exist when we have the 1st amendment in a capitalist society? do the people control the news, or does the news lead the people, or are they mixed in a loop? if so, does this loop balance or does it slant slightly towards a certain side? questions i need to think about.

Friday, September 24, 2004

reason for a dictatorship

[editors note: once again, remember edwin is a very creative thinker, some would say eccentrically eclectic, well i would say that. you get them edwin. love christopher]

ok, maybe not, but you know what, fuck congress, fuck elections, its all a scam to get my money and yours and our kids and their kids money and to give it to corporations today. real good shit. and you say how is this possible, my congress peoples are looking out for me, i elected them. your right and they know it. but they also know something else, your an idiot, and so am i, so is everyone else. why, well because of our collective memory, our personal memory, and our staunch belief in the infallibility of what we are told. yeah right sure, you say you don't believe everything fed to you through your little television, newspaper, internet, radio spoon. good for you in not believing everything, but you ever sit back and realize what you do believe from it. you sit back and say all that crap they spew is bullshit, until they get to a point which you have an affinity for, then you sit back and go damn right, those damn liberals/conservatives/libertarians/whatever are fucking up my america. dont you realize that were all fucking it up, you, me, that fat annoying guy at work. were all fucking it up, and i must say its getting worse as we fade into the shadowy depths of instant access to "knowledge". yeah, you have your sources that you believe, good, but do you ever cross check facts, do you do research. exactly, me neither at least most of the time. i just believe what i am told. thus back to the beginning. congress passed some tax cuts yesterday using deficit spending, and why did they pass it. becuase they didnt want to be painted in an election year as tax hikers. that would be bad. ok, so guess what, their fear is forged and founded in facts. they know that you will believe the spin, and those damn fence riders will be swayed by spin, so they try to keep the spin as minimal as possible. guess what, it wasn't a fucking tax hike, it was just extensions on previous tax cuts that were designed to sunset at this time so all those fucking damn politicians can get their sound bite, i voted to decrease taxes just this september. what they dont tell you is that they just spent $146 billion of your and your kids and so ons money. we dont have that money, but they need to ameliorate their public image at this critical time, reelection. i say lets drop the lot of them. they dont work for you, me, or even themselves, they work for the corporations, the multinationals, those not paying any taxes, those getting millions in tax credits. i am unfortunately childless, but if i had one i would still tell uncle sam to fuck off, i get a $1000 credit, wow, thanks, oh yeah what again did that farm equipment company get. its a good thing i dont work, or else they would take all my money.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

harming the troops morale

ok, i have not seen this addressed anywhere so i will. all this crap about john kerry harming our troops when he talks about the war is bullshit. but for a second lets say that what gdub2k and his minions say is true. so discourse on what we are doing wrong hurts our troops. and gdub2k and pals talk a lot of shit about kerry and how he would handle the war, how he would lose the war, etc. now what if this mysterious kerry fellow gets elected, would not gdub2k be doing irreparable to our troops by casting this aspersion upon kerry. so if kerry wins, remember, by their own deportment, gdub2k and friends hate our troops, hate america and want us to lose a war that they started. those bastards.

more debate dribble, you must be kidding me

ok friends. today we are going to take the fascinating train ride known as the "memorandum of understanding" that was crafted for the debates. now as your conductor, lets get it going. cho-cho-cho. all aboard for the ride of a lifetime, or a pathetic lonely read.

"the candidates may not ask each other direct questions, but may ask rhetorical questions"
dont let discourse get in the way of talking points, that would be unamerican

"the candidates shall not address each other with proposed pledges"
this i like in the sense that it can get dirty if allowed. it can turn into lazio vs. clinton. ugly politics.

damn this thing is lawyery, legal legal leag. planned to a t, cho-cho

for the two policy debates...
questions go like this. candidate gets asked question, has 2 minutes to respond, other candidate then gets 1 1/2 minutes to respond to question and/or other candidates response. moderator may then extend discussion by 1 minute, upon their discretion, and split said time into half for each candidate. wow, i can't believe i just wrote that. side note, this memorandum is a pdf of a photocopy so i have to type everything out, so expect only quotes i like.

"the moderator shall manage the debate so the candidates address at least 16 questions"
16 questions to decide, so so few

for town hall meeting whatever debate...
same question rules, moderator calls on members of audience. said member asks question directly to the candidate up in the rotation of questions. said candidate answers, then other answers, extended format upon said moderators discretion. look mom, i'm a lawyer, just like that john edwards guy, lets go sue sue sue. tort law rules, and makes me a millionaire

"the audience members shall not ask follow-up questions or otherwise participate in the extended discussion, and the ausience member's microphone shall be turned off after he or she [editors note: hopefully we won't have any of them willy womens askin' questions, ha] has completed asking the question"
ask question, get talking point, done, debate won

questions will be submitted ahead of time, no candidate or their handlers shall see said questions ahead of time. moderator will choose questions and even out foreign and domestic policy questions. if audience member gets upidy and deviates from proposed question, moderator will keep them in check with a bitch slap and a warning that unproposed questions are not allowed to be asked of our leaders, especially in a time of war (small snark, yes i agree unproposed questions = bad)

the audience members will be half and half of "soft" gdub2k supporters and "soft" kerry supporters. what about the fucking fence straddlers, do they not have a voice in our democracy, do they have no rights, do you have no decency sir. and wtf is soft anyways. am i soft, i'm not the biggest fan of kerry, i say elect me but i am too young, but if i were in office i would change the constitution. see, all this mumbojumbo about putting hate into the constitution with a straight amendment, its there already, lets stop the hate, elect me at 25

there will be hand shakes, there will be hand shakes, lets see that little midget try to trump giganto kerry, ha ha ha, 4 inches

tv cameras will be locked into place, but may tilt and rotate as needed. good to know we wont have those damn moving cameras like they have in football now, think of it, a fly over camera covering the fast rhetorical action of this years sooperbowl of debates

moderator gets his own rear camera, i thought this was about the candidates. when a candidate is speaking the camera is on him and him only. no audience shots except for question time, no cutaways during answers, blah blah. person speaking = person on camera.

each candidate gets own camera with timing light in their line of view so they gets the times down

no applause, speech or anything from audience at all, except from questions from said audience when permitted from moderator.

temperature will be kept at industry standards, lets hope gdub2k doesnt get his hands on that industry

whew, good the podiums will be 50 inches. i was worried they wouldn't get to that very very importand detail.

"no candidate shall be permitted to use risers or any other device to give the impression of elevated height"
you have it here first, there shall be no debate over who won the debates, kerry hands down. he's taller, so there for more patriotic and american. sorry gdub2k, if only the seed had been stronger

symetrical stage setup, industry standard i hear

done, damn that was boring shit.

ok, so equality is the goal of these debates, everything equal. dressing rooms, seats, podiums, tables, tickets, blah blah blah. i see the reasoning for this memo, but damn i wish i didnt. i want debates, i want unscripted discussion held in a civil manner. this could be why people are so addicted to reality tv, everything now days is scripted. i want our leaders to discuss, compromise, and come up with the best solutions possible. i know it will never happen, but a boy can dream can't he. well the train has stopped, the ride is over, i hope you enjoyed the journey. i get to go to the airport soon, not to fly but to drop off a friend, i am never lucky enough to get to fly.

does anybody work

i don't think so. actually, people who work for businesses that i need to contact don't work, at least not in the morning. it freaking 8:30am and they aren't there. why? i am not sure. i went on a serious bender last night and didn't get to bed well past 3:00am, yet i am up, i am at work. the whole world hates me, boohoo

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

you see, gdub2k is tuff, he answered your questions naysayer

ok, here is the transcript

"I'm proud that you have -- you and your administration have stood strong in the face of the terrorists who want to disrupt progress in Iraq."
are they going to cave to terroist demands and free da women, thus creating an even more dangerous iraq where "terrorists" know that kidnapping and then killing is an effective strategy

"it's an historic opportunity to set example for people in the broader Middle East that free societies can, and will, exist."
is this a threat, seriously. 4 more years, 4 more years

and lets all hear it for gdub2k. he got the courage and answered 3 whole questions. what a great man. he must have huge balls. that will though scares the shit out of me.

the debates

ok, so first off these are not even debates, so get that thought out of your head.
"The candidates are not allowed to address one another and the town-hallers are not allowed to ask follow-ups."
this from alterman

this is just sad sad sad. wtf is this. i guess this is what we will have to deal with, but its damn uncool. this means that gdub2k can win the debates just on sound bites and evasion.
question: mr. president, do you think that iraq is heading towards civil war?
answer: you see, saddam would have wmd today if we did not invade. and as you can see, we are being greeted as liberators, not occupiers. the country is becoming a great democracy in front of our eyes and we americans are safer today then we were before invading
question: you did not answer...
moderator: sorry, there will be no follow up questions, next question please.
wow, talk about debate and thats the town hall one. how about this for the foreign and domestic policy debates
gdub2k: you see, my opponent fucks puppies and has probably raped your cat
kerry: this is insane, are you listening...
moderator: i'm sorry mr. kerry, could you please stay on the topic of blah blah blah
great shit huh. now i am not all that familiar with the format or if it will be like the above, but i dont see how baker would let the debates come out in a format that is bad for gdub2k. to show how slick he is, there will only be one standing debate. they care about everything.

now i also want to opine on the fear of gdub2k the master debater. seriously people, are you kidding me. now i cant say that i have watched all his debates, but i have watched a few and i really dont see what other people do. he can hold his own when it comes to talking points and staying on script, but get him uncomfortable and he flails like a thalidomide baby (sorry bad joke, but it popped in my head when i was trying think what he would flail like, and damn i am a crass person). also, he doesnt win debates, he wins media spin after debates which tell people that he won the debate when all he really did was keep himself from choking on a pretzel that he suck in even under the omnicient eye of rove, the master of the universe. so, i say bush sucks at debates. he only looks good through charm and stupidity, oops i mean simpleness. talk like a regular american and smile all perty and you can win any debate in the eyes of the idiot electorate. that means me too.

so, you say, how should kerry win the debate if i'm sooooo smart. well here's how. gdub2k has 3 3/4 years of policy behind him now, and the numbers don't really play all that nice, so (and most people wont agree with me here, but what do they know, probably more than me) stick him with numbers. simple numbers if you must like..hmm... oh say, 1,000,000 jobs lost (yes round down so people get the point, they dont like fidgeting and fiddling with complex numbers. it boggles them. another number...hmm... oh how about 1000 dead in a war of flowers and chocolate. or... 450 billion deficit.
pound on numbers such as these and i dont see how gdub2k can win. on the other hand the pundits will see how nice his hair looked compaired to that $300 haircut kerry guy. or how nice gdub2k was to a questioner when he smiled and said thankyou, even though he evaded the question of why her son died in a war that made no sense. i guess kerry cant win the debates, why did i even think he could. the press makes and breaks candidates, lets see where they will place their money here.

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